Monday, November 14, 2005

Latest Addition to Our Family

Saturday my Mom, Pop, the kids and I went to the Christmas Craft Show at the Sandy Expo Center. There were some pretty cool booths. I bought another tie for Steve, a cute Santa door hanger. My mom bought some Christmas gifts for people she knows and 3 HERMIT CRABS!!! Becky's is the blue one with the Care Bear painted on it, Katie's is the light pink one with heats painted on it and Belle's is the Coral colored one. Zack felt he was not responsible enough to have a pet of his very own. I actually don't mind that the kids got the hermit crabs as long as they stay in the habitat, but I am afraid that one of the girls will take the lid off, the crab will wander out and suddenly there will be a yucky, stinky smell somewhere in my house.

So Mom and Pop took the kids and I out to dinner Friday night. We had never been to Carrino's (Italian food) before so we decided to go there. There was 7 of us. When we walked in there were only 3 other groups waiting ao they said about 15 minutes. We sat down and began to wait. Those three groups were seated and then (I'm not exaggerating) at least 25 other groups got sat before us. We were waiting for nearly 45 minutes. So we finally get to our table order appetizer and as we are waiting for the appetizers we made our meal order (BIG mistake). They brought the appetizers and mom and Pop's salad and soup then within about 3 minutes they brought the main course. UGHHHH!!! My bet peeve is being rushed out of a restaurant. I know the way they make $$$ is to turn over tables, but it was so obvious they were trying to rush us out of the restaurant. Maybe I will have a better experience if I EVER try to eat there again. I may just go back to Olive Garden. I have never had that problem there.

Sunday was a good day. We practiced the Primary Program during the first 2 hours at church. It went fairly smoothly. I think we, the whole Primary Presidency, are pretty nervous about this. All the children know their parts pretty well and the songs. We have some great teachers to assist us. Then we came home from church and spent some time with Mom and Pop. I really love getting to sit around and just talk with my mom. When Steve got home from work we had to rush off to the church for a Book of Mormon Feast meeting. The sections we are studying to teach the youth are Alma 8 - Alma 35. We still don't have a clear idea of what we are doing, but I think it will begin to come together.


Miss Carrie said...

Those little crabbies are cute, but I agree, they would have to stay in their little house.

PS - I also saw that you've been to a lot of CKU's...i would love to go to one someday!

Molly said...

Welcome to the new additions!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Oh, I love hermit crabs, but they freak me out LOL.

corinne5 said...

hate it when they do that in a restaurant! I personally would never go there again. loving the crabbies!

have a great day!