Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Book of Mormon Feast

In October Steve and I were asked to teach during our ward's Book of Mormon Feast. We actually had turned down the opportunity last year and felt we should accept it this time. We met with the coordinator of the event, Shawn, a member of the Bishopric and 7 other couples. Then were assigned our section that we would be teaching to the youth (ages 11 to 18 years old). Steve and I got Alma 8-35. So this is how this works. You read through your section and then plan lessons to last approximately 8 hours. You are assigned about 8 children that will be with you the whole day and you teach them that one section you have been assigned. (the photo is of the kids that were in our group)Initially I was quite overwhelmed. I thought, "how on earth are we going to keep these children's attention for 8 hours. " We game up with object lessons and a few activities to do and we did lots of reading as a group. We would teach for about 45 minutes and then have a 10 minute break. During the break the kids would go into the cultural hall with stones and coins, that we had passed out to them during class for answering questions and reading, and buy candy, arrow head, feathers, and other stuff. Different adult men in our ward took time out of their Saturday to man these store fronts and also to walk around in costume and quiz the children on what they were learning. The characters would even come into our classroom and even help bring the scriptures to life. We also had tons of volunteers that manned the kitchen and prepared lunch and snacks during those breaks. There were committees that worked on decorating the rooms in what ever way the instructors had chosen they wanted their them to be. (ours was a throne room)

This was one of the COOLEST things I have ever been a part of. The children were so receptive and the feeling that was within the building was incredible. I am not sure if I would teach again next year, but I would for sure volunteer to help and would like to teach again in a few years.


SageHen said...

Yikes. It sounds like so much work!

shawna Banagas said...

This sounds "awesome"!!!! I haven't heard of this before!!!! Send me more details. Pleeeeeze.