Friday, January 06, 2006

Scrappin' at My House

Last night I hosted our neighborhood book club. We had read "Their Eyes Were Watching Heaven". There was a good turn out and the discussion was pretty good. I had printed off some questions off the computer and then while I started to read them I realized they were kind of boring. So we just talked about our favorite parts and what we thought of different sections. We will be reading "The Posionwood Bible" for next month. Then about 8:30 a group of other women I had invited over to scrap began rolling in. They hung out for a while with the book clubbers and chatted and then we all retreated to the basement to beginning to the scrapping. For Christmas Steve had gotten me to 6 foot tables so I was a little excited to christen them. I love having some of the girls over to scrap book. I admit I am actually not too productive, but I enjoy the hanging out and conversation. I love that we just giggle and get a little silly. I have been very lucky to become friends with so many neat women in my neighborhood and ward. (clockwise from the left: Tammie, Me, Jill, Sandra, Dayna, Wendy, and Maryanne)
So in preparation for last night I had bought veggies & dip and Chips and Crackers for snacks. And some Miss Meringue cookies. Steve was a little shocked that I had not made brownies or cookies. Because truly my scrapbook philosophy is that it isn't a crop without a table full of chocolate. I am 6 days into this whole weight lose thing and really want to be successful this time. My friend Sandra had brought Krispy Kreme donuts over (OH MY!!!!!) I did well though and did not have one. That is truly a huge accomplishment if you know how much I love a good Krispy Kreme. Well, I am off to try to finish my entry in a friends circle journal and get it into the mail.

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Chiara said...

so cool that you have people to crop with and good luck with the weight loss