Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is It A Store or A Museum?


I get so stressed out during these 3 weeks. I want to keep the kids busy, but not wanting to go broke doing it. Monday was also the first day Steve had off and there was no where else either of us needed to be. So after lunch Steve suggested we load the kids up in the car and take a family trip to his favorite place...CABELLA. For those who don't know, Cabellas is an outdoorsman's superstore. Now you probably think hips boots, binos and fishing gear, but OH NO!!

It is like a natural history museum. There is hundreds of animals that are on displayed throughout the store. There is a huge safari display that had warthogs, lions, tigers, etc. Then there was a desert diplay with mountain lions, prairie dogs and such. There was even an artic like display that had a polar bear.

Of course there were moose, deer and bear. The kids were fascinated. Then upstairs there was a shooting gallery. We bought some tokens and let the kids practice their aim. It was a lot of fun. Steve and I even got into it. We thrive on competiton. I think we tied.

Then after we left the shooting gallery we went to the restaurant and bought a boar sandwich and some drinks and let the kids have a chance to try soem thing different. They loved it. We were there for 2 hours and had a fabulous time as a family. Even better I have some more pictures to scrap.