Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last night was the night that "tweens" have been waiting for all summer. The premiere of
We had Belle's friend Maddie over to watch it with the kids. We popped popcorn, drank rootbeer and ate chocolate as we watched the kids from East High head off to summer vacation. It was fun to sit in the room and listen to the two girls, Maddie and Belle, discuss the plot. They speak of the characters as if they are real. It was too cute. As the songs were sung the littlest girls would stand up and dance along. Katie even sang along to a few of the songs. I am so glad that there is a few shows out there for my children to watch and I know that there will be nothing inappropriate and it even has a lesson on being of good character.

Once the movie was over the kids were excited to see the latest episode of Hannah Montana. They were excited to see the Jonas Brothers. It is so cute to see the little girls swoon over these "pop stars". It was definitely a fun night.

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