Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yard Fun

One of the coolest things about summer and kids is sitting in the front yard and watching the kids play. I usually pull up one of the green Adirondack chairs, that sit in the front of the house, up to the lawn. The kids usually do chalk drawings, jump rope or ride their bikes around the circle.

Just a few nights ago the children pulled out an old, misshapen hula hoop and began to dive and somersault through the hoop as Steve stood there and held it. Belle got a little silly and thought it would be funnier to not make it completely through the hoop, but rather get caught by her stomach instead. I was funny to watch once or twice, but after a while it was just frustrating.

Katie and Becky were quite good at getting through the hoop and doing a beautiful somersault, like a flawless gymnast's dismount off the beam.

This weekend Becky brought home Buddy Bear from her class. She had to take Buddy along with her and then write a page in his journal, as if he were the author. So Friday night as we all gathered in the family room to watch "The Best of the Muppet Show", Buddy also joined us I could help taking a picture of Becky with the Bear. One of her main concerns for the last few weeks has not been the book report that is due at the end of the month, but rather whether she would get to bring Buddy home soon. I hope it lived up to all of her expectations.

One more at church I had the neatest feelings. At the end of Sacrament Meeting we sang, "FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER". I sat there and listened as all my children and my husband sang these words:

I have a family here on earth
They are so good to me
I want to share my life with them
Through all eternity
Families can be together forever
Through Heavenly Father's plan
I always want to be with my own family
And the Lord has shown me how I can

It just gave me chills and I walked out of the meeting with such an awesome feeling. That is all I really want. I love my little family so much and do feel so blessed to have them.

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Shawna said...

Wonderful song! It's one of my fav too. Especially after a week like this one where my munchkins seem to be extra irritated with each other. :) It must be the heat!!!!