Friday, August 31, 2007

Swiss Days

Since I moved to Utah 4 years ago I have heard of Swiss Days. Then I became friends with Sandra and when I would visit her home, it was decorated with some cute chachkis and nick-nacks. When I would ask where she got it most of the time the answer was, "Swiss Days." So when Sandra invited me to come along this year with her I of course took her up on it. We (Sandra, her sister Julie, friends Jennifer and Jill and myself)met at 6:00 am at Sandra's and began the trek up through Parley's Canyon to Midway.

We visited a few of the booths, but soon our morning hunger got the best of us and we stood in the popular, but long line for scones. They were HUGE!!

I was seriously amazed at how many booth there were. What a great place to come and buy cute stuff to decorate your home. The magnet boards were very popular. One of the booths had LARGE on with a calendar printed on the upper half and a memo board on the lower section. That is the only thing I am a little sorry I did not buy. Sandra and Jill both purchased Large ones as gifts that had a sampler stitched on the top that said, "GRANDKIDS" and the bottom half was magnet board to place pictures. These were quite popular. As we walked around, both Jill and Sandra, would be stopped by people and they inquired what booth the cute frames had been bought at.

Some of the booths were so packed with women you could hardly get in and if you did get in, it was quite a feat to get out. I quickly learned that if a booth was packed, that was a booth we needed to stop in and see what they had.
If I had an unlimited budget, I could have gone hog wild and Sandra would have needed a trailer on the back of her Suburban. BUT...this s what what I purchased instead:
  • 2 Iron hanging hearts
  • Wooden blocks that spell out HARVEST
  • A wooden block that holds magnet board to hold recipes
  • Some cute headbands

On our way home we stopped in Park City and had lunch at a restaurant named HAPA GRILL . We introduced Jennifer to edaname as an appetizer. Then we each enjoyed some yummy salads and Jennifer ate her HUMONGOUS hamburger. Our salads came with an orchid as a decoration. Then Julie said she thought it was edible. We all gave it a little bite and then opted to tuck it behind our ear instead.

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