Saturday, October 13, 2007

Katie's Harvest

This year Katie has developed a green thumb. It all started with her tomatoes. Steve bought each of the children a tomato plant. Katie was the one that was so intune with tending her pant. The first thing she would do when she came home from school was go out and water her plants. She was the first one to get tomatoes off her plant.
Then a few weeks ago I walked out our back garage door and saw this HUGE pumpkin vine that had taken over that section of the yard. Lo and Behold, under all the leaves and vines was the biggest pumpkin I had even seen grown in our yard. Later I found out that it was Katie's. Steve had given her a couple of seeds and and this is what they had produced.
I have loved seeing the pride she as in her accomplishment. We have put the pumpkin into our front yard so it can orange up. Katie has talked about wanting to carve her treasure. Watch for the next blog entry...

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kristi brooke said...

thank you so much for taking the time to comment about my run, i really appreciate it!!