Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chocolate Shakes & Onion Rings

On October 3, 1993, I had gone to Incahoots after work. I was hoping to see Steve there. We needed a chance to talk and a dance club is not a great place to have a conversation, so we drove over to a little diner named Kooky's because I was craving onion rings and a shake. We walked in, place our order and began to chat. We got back into my little red Paseo and drove back over to Incahoots and sat in the parking lot and finished our conversation. I said I need to go home and eat my onion rings and shake and Steve needed to go back into the club because his brother was in there. BUT before he got out of the car he turned to me and said, "should I tell Shelly I have a girlfriend?" (Shelly was a girl that was interested in him and he had spent some time hanging out with) And I said, "Yes, you should tell her you have a girlfriend." And then I drove away.
We now try to celebrate the date that Steve and I began dating exclusively by going somewhere and buying chocolate shakes and onion rings. The kids have even gotten into it. They know exactly what we mean when we mention onion rings and shakes. It is a fun little tradition that means the world to me. It is pretty yummy too!!

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that!!! I remember those days, a little. :) I remember you telling me about Steve and where you met him, "a club", and now here you two are 13 (?) years and 4 munchkins later. Isn't life wonderful!!!