Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just another day

Wow!! I am finally getting back into the swing of things after being gone all last week.

I had some PTA stuff to get caught up on. I am still trying to figure out what else I am suppose to be doing in there other than membership. The kids are so proud that their mommy is on PTA and that makes me feel good. I am still getting use to my new calling in Primary (secretary), and getting use to running the kids around after school. All the kids are involved in their afterschool activities. The twins are taking dance for their second year, Belle is taking tumbling at the rec. center and loving it and Zack (my fish) is taking swimming. And Zack is also doing Cub Scouts on Thursday afternoons and both Zack and Belle are taking piano lessons on Tuesdays. I actually get a kick out of afternoons in our house. We e all gather in the kitchen with everyone working on their own homework assignments or reading. There is just a cool feeling in the house at that time.

So, Belle came home today after having had a "token store" in her classroom. (students earn token for turning in homework and behaving well) She had purchased a small notebook, a dollar store toy, but the thing she was most excited about was the small tube of BRIGHT RED lipstick. As soon as she got home she put some on. All I can say is, "OH MY!!!" (see photo) She is so excited to grow up and be a woman. I don't know what Steve and I are going to do, other than gain a few more grey hairs as she grows up.

I have not been scrapbooking much this week. I am hoping to get some layouts done this weekend. I entered the Memory Makers Masters Contest last month. So I am waiting for the announcement of winners for that. I am not holding my breath, but I am proud of myself for throwing my hat in. If I am not selected, I will share my layouts here. I am pretty proud of each one. My latest project has been school year albums for each of the children. I am doing all the pages so I will just have to add the school pictures, work and awards as we work our way through the school years.

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