Sunday, September 18, 2005

Off to Church we go

We just got home from a good day at church. I say good because it was not so long ago that I would leave sacrament meeting wanting to cry because the kids had been so awful. But now...I am able to really enjoy sacrament meeting. The kids enjoy looking at the Friend Magazines while I pay attention to the talks. IT IS WONDERFUL.

The biggest part of my Sunday's is planning for the week. I sit on the couch and pull out my PDA at put in my notebook my day to day stuff. I leave this on the counter and refer to it through out the week. There is something so fufilling about crossing off each one of my errands. This is what my week looks like so far. It may seem short now, but as the week chugs along the list seems to grow and grow.

MON: Grocery shopping, Katie & Becky's Dance, Zack's Swimming, FHE
TUE: Zack's Swimming, Belle's tumbling,Weight Watchers Mtg.
WED: PTA helping with school pictures, Zack's swimming, a Bead party at Melinda's, Enrichment at church
THU: Pack Meeting (that's it!!!)
FRI: SCRAPBOOK EXPO!!! 8:30-midnight!!! Steve doing all my carpooling duties, YIPPEE!!!!
SAT: Celebrating Katie and Becky's 6th birthday. Make cake in the morning, clean house, prep for Sunday.

If you haven't already figured it out. I am excited to get away to the Expo. A full day of scrapping. The best part is that Steve is so willing to help give me the time to go. He will have to do my carpooling stuff, but he seems to do it with a smile. I am pretty lucky to have a husband that is so supportative of my activities out of the home. I am thinking of having Belle come for a few hours after school and scrap with me. I have never tried to do this with her. I am hoping she will feel like a big girl and make it a good experience and not make me regret doing this with her. I want us to get along much better than we have in the last little while. I sometimes think doing these kid of things together may help.

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