Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yosemite or bust

Yesterday I got back from a trip to Yosemite with Steve. We went to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (a little late). We camped at a Lower Pines Campground which was pretty nice. The only bummer no morning fires. We did a 9 mile hike from Glacier Point down to Yosemite Village. My first "holy moly" hike. There were some beautiful waterfalls and the views were incredible. I did survive with minimal damage to my body...(I blew out my knee around mile 9 and both my big toes are pretty messed up.) Even with all that, I am very pleased of my accomplishment. After we completed our hike I knew Dinty Moore stew was not going to cut in for dinner. Luckily we found a pizza place in the village. That TOTALLY hit the spot.

On Wednesday morning as we left the park and headed to Tahoe. Just before we left the park I mention to Steve my disappointment in not seeing any bears. Within minutes we aere pulled over and taking pictures of a mama bear and a cub. TOO COOL!!! Then we continued our drive to Tahoe and stayed at a cute hotel named the Fantasy Inn. I spent most of our time recouping from the hike. There was a HUGE jacuzzi tub for 2 and I spent most of my time soaking my sore muscles in there. Thursday morning we began our trek home with a short stop in Virginia City. That was a fun place to walk around for a few hours and then we drove home on Thursday. It was an awesome trip. I mostly enjoying getting away with Steve and feeling like the girl he met 12 years ago

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