Sunday, May 21, 2006

Busy Weekend

This past week was Teacher Appreciation at our elementary school. This has been one of my responsibilities in PTA. It all went pretty smoothly. I will have to do everything again this week for tracks A & C, hopefully it will all go off without a hitch. Friday, the PTA board for next year headed off to BYU for convention. We were there all day. I took classes on being President-Elect, which is kind of interesting. You have no specific responsibilities other than shadowing the President. I am sure Wendy will come up with plenty for me to do. I definitely got an idea of what a HUGE responsibility it is to be President. We made it home by 6:00 pm and even stopped at the Sinclair station near the freeway to get a REAL diet coke. (thanks Wendy!!) Once I got home I got Katie and Becky into their dance clothes and headed out for their final dance recital of the year. HOLY COW!!! This was a marathon of dance recitals. It began at 7:00pm. The program listed 39 routines with an award ceremony in the middle. We finally saw the girls perform their 1st dance after being there for an hour and then saw the 2nd routine an hour later. We did not stay for the end of the recital. Steve went and bought roses for both girls and presented the bouquets to the girls as we left. They were so tickled to get their first bouquets of flowers. It was so cute.

PTA Convention was suppose to continue through Saturday, but I decided Saturday morning that I would skip convention and go on the ward hike that Steve had planned. We met up with about 20 other people in the ward and hiked in Herriman. It was actually quite a good time. Steve had a list with pictures of the trees and flowers that would be on the trail and handed these out to the other hikers. Nanette, the activities chairperson, promised prizes for those people that could find all the items on the list. I did not concentrate on the treasure hunt. I put on my iPod and focused on getting up the hill. When the walk was all over it appeared most people had found all the items and had enjoyed the whole experience.

We spent the remainder of our day in the backyard. The kids swam, I laid out and Steve split his day between doing chores and playing with the kids in the pool. It was a fun day. Our neighbors called and invited to their home once it got dark to watch a movie outside on their projector. The kids were so excited. We packed up our popcorn and blankets and headed over at 8:45 pm and joined a few other families. We settled into our perspective blankets and JJ turned on the movie "Doogal". I will say that my kids LOVED this movie. The adults on the other hand were not impressed. It had an all star cast of voices, if I had seen it on the shelf in a rental store, I probably would have rented it. BUT, it was ODD!! It tried too hard to appeal to adults and still be a kids movie. But as I said before, the kids really did love it and that is what is important and the adults ALL got a good laugh. We are so grateful for this awesome neighborhood we live in. We seem to get along with our neighbors and I am really enjoying the opportunities to get together we these really cool families.

Finally our day ended and the kids went to bed. I love being busy, but it sure is nice when the end of the day comes and I can put on my jammies and snuggle into my bed with a book and the 10:00 o'clock news!!!

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Becca said...

How fun! We used to have a movie night on the lawn at our college about once a month in nice weather--I'd never thought of doing that at home! Sounds like you live in a great neighborhood--appreciate that, because they aren't all that way! :)