Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everybody Was Water Gun Fighting

Zack's friend Jake come over yesterday afternoon to play. The boys went up to Zack's bedroom to hangout. After about 15 minutes Zack came down stairs and had the most mischievous look on his face. He whispered in my ear that he and Jake had prepared some water balloons and they wanted to throw them at Katie and Becky and did they have my permission. I said yes as long as they were prepared to accept any retaliation that came their way. They agreed. So I led the girls outside and had them stand on the grass. Out came the boys and surprised the girls by throwing a balloon right at their backs. THE WAR was ON!!!

Steve lent Becky his jumbo water gun. She could hard carry the gun once it had water in it and pulling the trigger took quite a bit of muscle. The good thing was just having that gun on your person was quite intimidating to the boys. The smaller waterguns quickly were added to the artillery and some old ice cream buckets for throwing water.

There were no real casualties when the two sides parted, other than some very wet clothes. Steve and I determined that the girls had managed to over take the boys. Definitely a case of girl power.

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