Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Sled Run

Monday Steve and the kids went into the backyard to make huge hill out of the snow that was left from this weekend's storm. After 30 minutes or so, I peaked out and found they had built their hill up against the deck and were climbing onto the deck furniture with their sleds. They had made a sled run. They were out there for 4 hours sledding. I even took a few runs down the trail and then relinquished my saucer when I landed on tail bone a little harder than I had expected.

Steve managed a couple of runs too, but mostly spent the afternoon lengthening the trail and repairing any gouges. He also spent sometime helping kids onto their sleds and giving them a hand getting started.

The kids had a blast. Zack's friend Jake came over and joined in the fun. And later, Belle's friend Madi came over and took a few trips down the trail. I made hot cocoa for the kids and kept it coming while they continued to enjoy the snow.

I don't know if the kids realize how lucky they are to have Dad that can create such an adventure in their own backyard.

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