Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get You Caught...

Christmas Eve Steve had the day had been quite some years since Steve has had it off. I worked on our dinner and he took the kids out to the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I had the children build "graham cracker houses" They were quite creative with what they did the crackers and candy. We had our dinner about 6:00 pm and then once everything was cleaned up I handed out the new jammies to the kids. They love their Christmas jammies and slippers. I even got a pair for Steve this year. They were Grinch themed. We then gathered in near the piano and the kids performed their Christmas songs. I read the story of the Christmas Orange to the kids and we shared one of those Chocolate Oranges. Then Steve asked the kids what their gift to Jesus wold be next year...we all said what we would be working on through the year to give as our gift to the Savior next year.
That night Steve and I slept in front of the Christmas tree. Belle was the first one to awaken in the morning...4:00am to be exact. She rushed to where ll the other children were sleeping and and told the kids of the Santas arrival at our home. And up the races to retrieve their stockings. Once the stockings had been emptied and thoroughly investigated, Steve and I made the Christmas breakfast. I had purchased cinnamon bread from Kneaders the day before and made french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages.

Once all the dishes were done and the kitchen cleaned up we went into livingroom and gathered around the Christmas tree and began taking turns at opening our gifts.

One of the best gifts to watch the children open was one from my parents. Becky was unwrapping as the other children watched...they all saw at the same time the words Wii on the box...The look of surprise on their faces was priceless. They screamed and hooted ad hollered. It was awesome to watch.

So later that afternoon, Steve set up the Wii on the tv in the basement and we gathered down their together and enjoyed playing tennis and bowling and even tried boxing a couple of times, until I got pooped out.

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