Monday, June 09, 2008

Goblin Valley (May 26 & 27)

Just a quick post to get everyone caught up on where the Webers have been.
On Memorial Day we woke up, packed up Steve's truck and made the 4 hour drive to Goblin Valley. There was a campsite that Steve hoped we would be able to acquire, but unfortuantely there was already some people set up there. So we drove a little further from that site and found another quaint site.
We all worked together to set up the tent and our kitchen area. Steve even made a little restroom (this came in handy) from a tarp and a seat that he had borrowed from our friends Brian and Suzanne. After rolling out our sleeping bags and getting the camp all set up we drove into the park.
The kids had a blast climbing on the rock formations, through holes and crevices. It was fun to watch them tear around through the park.
After a few hours in the park, we went back to our campsite and Steve began working on dinner. He had brought all the inredients to make a pizza and then cook it in a dutch oven. It looked so good...kind of a deep dish , Chicago style pizza. He was thoughtful enough to bring a piece of chicken to grill for me.
We all slept well through the night. Steve brought an air mattress for us to sleep on and I loved that. It was so much more comfortable. I slept so well, that everyone else was up and helping out with breakfast when I finally emerged from the tent. Zack was proud of himself for preparing "mountain man breakfast".
Before we knew it breakfast was being cleaned up, rolling bags were rolled back up and the tent was down. It was time to visit Little Wildhorse Canyon and then make our way home.
It was a fun trip. I was a little nervous about camp just out in the boonies. I have always preferred the sites, having other people around, possibly even flush toilets and showers. But this turned out ok. I would probably do it again...sometime.


Kristen said...

How totally cool!
We're doing a camping trip this weekend with 4 other families...with toilets and showers, but not much else. :)
I miss you...

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

mkI love the picture of the kids on the rocks. So great!!!
Sorry to read about your friends and their scary event!!! Please keep us updated, are they going to be o.k. physically.
I love your kitchen campout set-up. Does that come in granite??? Pretty sweet.