Sunday, June 15, 2008


A few weeks ago, Zack turned 12 years old.
This was quite a momentous birthday. He is experiencing his final days in elementary school and will be beginning Middle School the end of August. He will enter the Young Mens program in our church once he turned 12 and also received the priesthood. He has been so excited about all the changes that will be occurring.
We did not have a HUGE celebration. His birthday was actually the day after we returned from Rhode Island and we have just been crazy busy. Steve got him a fishing vest which he opened while we were in Rhode Island. he also received various gift cards from his cousins and a cool book about making things from batteries.
Once we were home I gave him the suit , white shirt and tie that I had been planning on giving him for months. Mom and Pop gave him Guitar Hero and Pokemon Diamond Version for his DS. He was quite excited about the "fun"toys from Papa and Grandma, but he was genuinely excited about the suit I gave him, which I thought would just be passed by without a second glance.
Since the gifts have been opened and wrapping paper thrown away, I have tried to figure out where these 12 years went. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were just a small family of Steve, me and baby Zack. I am somewhat afraid to blink...afraid that I will find he is about to graduate from high school and thinking of his mission

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