Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spring Soccer

Yesterday was the last day of spring soccer. Katie and Becky had been playing on the same team (they have the bright yellow jerseys on) that was named the Golden Tigers. This was the first season that they really seemed to have caught on to some of the strategy of the game. It was a bit more fun to watch.
This was Belle's 1st time ever playing soccer. She has devoted much of her time to dance, but this year I thought it might be fun for her to try something new. Her team was the Dalmatians (they wore white jerseys and red socks) and she got to play with a few of her classmates: Megan and Savannah, from school. She enjoyed soccer so much, that she is considering spending next year playing sports rather than dance.

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Emily said...

whoa- those are some BRIGHT shirts...can't lose any kids now! love the picts! EM