Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last spring Zack decided to stop taking piano and that he wanted to take an instrument in Middle School. When I registered him for school and the band teacher inquired about which instrument Zack wanted to play, I looked at the list of instruments and quickly picked the oboe. I was not quite sure which one he was actually planning on and hoped that my selection would work for him

Well, last week he gt his oboe, which we are renting through the school, and ran out to get the reeds for his instrument. He is not planning much music yet, but h is beginning to learn the notes. He has taken to sitting on the back deck and practicing out there. Well, a few days ago, the weather cooled off and Steve and I decided to shut off the air conditioner and open up the windows. Well, Zack wandered out on the deck and got all set up to practice. Then the notes began to creep into the house.

Steve told him he needed to go into the basement to practice. As he approached the basement door, I remembered Belle was down there doing something and the "music" would probably bother her. So he decided to go up to his bedroom. Not long later we could hear the practicing begin. Steve said to Becky, "would you go up there and close Zack's door." She called from the top of the stairs to let us know that the door was close. I am thinking this is will be long school year full of dueling piano/oboe playing.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Good luck with that!!!!! Hee! Hee! My brother David played quite a few instruments throughout his Elementary years. Boy was it tough on us!

Kristen said...

I don't know how I missed this post. He's playing my instrument!!! Now you know what my parents went through when I was just starting. :) I'm sure they wished they had stronger earplugs. I would LOVE to hear how he's sounding and what he thinks of it. I'm excited! Isn't that funny?