Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sushi anyone?

Mom and Pop have come up for a visit. Well, it is a little more than a visit. My babies are turning 9 years old on Tuesday. That is stinkin' CRAZY!! While we are celebrating this wonderful event on Tuesday, Mom and Pop offered to take us out to dinner on Monday. And one of Katie and Becky's favorite lace has been the Fortune Cookie restaurant.
It is a mix of Chinese food and a full Sushi bar. My little girls are quite adventurous when it comes to food. About 6 months ago we went to the Fortune Cookie and while there Grandma ordered some Salmon and Tuna Sushi. The girls all tried and loved it so much that Grandma had hardly any for herself. So she order a few rolls for herself again last night and had a repeat. Katie especially seems to love the stuff.

All the kids order Japanese Bento Boxes. The girls chose boxes that came with salmon teriyaki and 6 California Rolls. Zack was the most adventurous. He also ordered a Japanese Bento box, but rather than getting the Teriyaki, he ordered octopus sushi. The waiter was quite surprised and confirmed a couple of times if Zack was sure that was what he wanted.

When the food arrived, we all watched to see how Zack would handle the octopus. He did eat 1 1/2 of the,. He said it was a bit chewy and hard to get down. But I sure was proud of him for trying something new. I am not sure I would ever have the courage to order octopus.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and we ended with the traditional fortune cookie. I am so grateful to have Mom and Pop around and their willingness to expose my children to new experiences.


Fantastic 6 said...

Hey Nik-
I have been meaning to comment for awhile now but, baby keeps me busy. I must say you are looking fabulous!! Way to go!!

Kim said...

No sushi for me, thanks, but your kids seem to be loving it! They are all growing up so quickly. I am sorry I am missing out on it. thank goodness for blogging!

Emily said...

what a fun place to celebrate 9 years of Becky and Katie! Happy b-day girls!