Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Home Alone

The kids went back to school on Monday after being out for 39 days...yep, you read that correctly. The last day that the girls had been to school was the day before Thanksgiving, when we left for our California/Cruise vacation. And following that they were off track from year round school. Steve and I spent Monday and Tuesday taking care of things around the house and then going on our "HAPPY TUESDAY" date. So today was the first day that I was home alone. It was kind of peaceful, but one of the best parts was that I just felt like things have gotten back to NORMAL.

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. I was a little nervous, it would be the first time stepping on the scale since before Christmas. But I also know that I want this year to be when I finally hit goal. So I walked in today, silently praying that I would at least maintain what the weight was before Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to have Lynda (my WW leader) tell me I had LOST 2.4 pounds....SWEET!!!!!! Wow, if that is not a great jump start to getting back on track I don't know what else would be. So for the next 10 weeks WW is setting goals for members to work on each week. This week is tracking. I know it is a huge key to the weight loss thing, but to be honest, sometimes ignorance is bliss...unfortunately that same bliss can help you weigh 200 lbs. So I am focusing on the journaling of my food. The fridge is filled with veggies and fruits and I have my Lean Cuisines in the freezer to help through dinner.

In the afternoon I loaded our new kitty "CHARCOAL" into his pet carrier and headed over to the vet. It was time for the little guy to get more of his shots. He did pretty well through the whole thing. The vet and the nurse told us what a good kitty he is. I have to say as a former cat hater, I have been surprised how easy he is. And I actually have enjoyed playing with him in the evenings. Daisy, our lab, gets a little jealous from the attention that the kitty gets, but we try to give her some love too. The rest of the afternoon is being spent helping my kiddos with the homework, making dinner and getting Zack to his Mutual Activity.

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