Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last week while I was at bowling my friend Lindsi brought in some charms her sister had made. They were so cute. I chose one and thought it might be fun to make some of my own. So this afternoon Katie and I brought out the beads and pliers and went to work.
Before we got started we took a "field trip" to Hobby Lobby to buy some extra jump rings. While we were there Katie began eyeing the different charms. She was so cute. She would look at the price and then ask if she was figuring the correct tax. I thought she was thinking of buying a charm for herself, but it was then that she told me she wanted to purchase the charm for me to thank me for teaching her today. HOLY COW!!! That was such a neat thing to hear. I told her how much I appreciated the gesture, but I thought she should buy one for herself to put on the necklace we were making. I have the most thoughtful kids.
Once we got home, I brought out my boxes of beads and the ones that she got for Christmas. I explained and showed her how to make the loops. I thought for sure she would have problems making the loops. I explained she had to be patient and not to get frustrate. The little stinker got her loop right on the 1st try. Within about 30 minutes she had finished her charm. And was so proud of herself.
I made 2 of my own, but have to admit, making the loops were a little harder for me. The best part was spending the afternoon doing something creative with my girl.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

Love it Nik!!! What a sweetheart she is.