Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's Wednesday, which means it was another weigh in. I walked in and found my card in the file box and went to check in. The receptionist that checks us in commented that I would be getting a new pocket guide, which means it had been a year and I had filled the last one. And just as the thought of, "another year and I STILL have not reach goal..." she said, "this is the book that you are going to reach goal in." It turned that negative self speak I was doing right around. I walked over to the scale thinking, "...that's right...I am going to hit my goal in this book." Isn't it funny how one person's small comment can affect someone so much.
The scale was kind to me. It was my 3rd loss in as many weeks. I was down 1 POUND!!!


Kim said...

You will hit your goal in this book I am sure of it - I love your positive attitude!

Nikki said...

Thanks Kim!! I want this so bad. Hopefully I will remember how much I want it when I have chocolate chip cookies staring me in the face.

Lipscombs said...

You are a great inspriation in accomplishing your weight loss goals. I think you look awesome!