Thursday, January 06, 2011


Last night, after working 12 hours in the pharmacy, Steve stopped and bought me some flowers. Now some wives might think, "...hmmmm, what did he do that he needed to make up for it with flowers?" That's not the case with Steve. For a few years now Steve has kept two vases (one on the kitchen table and the other next to my bed) in our house filled with flowers. In the Spring and Summer he picks flowers from our yard: daffodils, tulips, petunias, daisies, lilacs but mostly my bouquets consist of various roses from our bushes. Then in the fall and winter it becomes a little more difficult to keep them filled, but he manages. I love the smells and colors of the flowers, but more than anything I appreciate the effort Steve puts into keeping those vases filled...that even after a long day at work, when he probably would just like to get home, change out of his work clothes and veg out, he thinks of me and stops to purchase these beautiful tokens for me.

Thank you Steve, for loving me so very much. I hope I keep all the vases in your life filled and bring you just as much happiness!!!