Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I love to carry a planner with me everywhere I go. I purchased a new one for 2011 from Target. It is a Franklin Covey, I love the layout of the pages, but the cover is very plain and drab. Then I remembered a Vera Bradley notepad my mom had gifted me a few years ago. It was fabric and padded. Whenever I looked inside my purse and saw it there it would just make me smile. So this seemed like the perfect solution to my planner problem and a great project to break in my new sewing machine.

I added some pockets to the inside cover to stash receipts and business cards. I can even store a pack of post-its to jot quick notes. Definitely a planner a would be proud to pull out and make my notes and calendar our family events


Mikki said...

You know I'm going to want one..... right... Can you teach me?? Tell me what I need to get.

The Maxwell Family said...

Love it!