Thursday, January 20, 2011


The switch-a-roo tree with the Valentine ornaments
 Today I spent the afternoon with my friend Mikki and my other friends that craft on Thursdays.  We finally made the Valentine "switch-a-roos".  This was definitely one of the easier projects to work on.  We started at noon and had them ALL done by 3:00pm.  Mikki was smart and just purchased the wooden hearts in two different sizes from Roberts and then cut out the other decor: Hershey Kiss, lips and x's & o's.  We painted everything either pink, white or red.  Then we used some of the cute scrapping paper that is out there to cover the hearts and pretty much glittered the heck out of everything else.  I dived into the "LOVE" themed scrapping accessories I had to embellished them up a little.
Cute glittered smoochie lips

A simple sign with rub-ons and rhinestones

Hershey kiss, made of wood, pained brown and wrapped in foil

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Mikki said...

LOVE IT!!!! I cant' wait until St. Patricks, and Easter, and 4th of July and Spring, and summer and oh I have soooooo many ideas...