Thursday, January 27, 2011


 This Thursday the "crafting ladies" had not specific project. One friend brought her scrapbooking project, a few others were working on the ornaments for their SWITCHAROO that I made last week.  My incredibly crafty friend Mikki, had found a couple of Valentine projects I could work on.  SO I showed up on her doorstep at 10:00 am ready to get my craft on.
I made this cute sign with the heart on it, and we both made a set of these blocks...One side is Valentines and the other is St. Patrick's Day.  We also made a set of HEART shaped outlet covers for the kitchen which I {LOVE}.
 I am so very grateful for the ladies I get together with on Thursday.  We have had GREAT conversations and so many laughs.  What a blessing to surround myself if wonderful women.

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The Maxwell Family said...

I am jealous! You all make such cute things!