Saturday, January 15, 2011

mY sEwInG oBsEsSiOn

Prior to Christmas I began sewing more than I had in years. My friend Suzanne shared a purse she had made with me and I loved how it turned out and the spark on inspiration was lit. I made a few more purses before Christmas, but quickly discovered that my old Brother sewing machine made the process less than enjoyable. The bobbin kept slipping as I would sew and the tension was never quite correct. I spent more time swearing at the machine and threatening to chuck it across the room than actually sewing. So I subtly (I emailed Steve links to 3 different sewing machines I liked) let Steve know I might be interested in getting a new sewing machine for Christmas. And boy did he deliver. This is the awesome machine I opened on Christmas morning. I was pretty excited, but also a little intimidated by the machine. It is computerized and I was nervous I might not be able to work. So it took me a week or so to actually plug it in and give it a whirl.
It runs so smoothly. I love that when I finish a stitch, it stops with the he bobbin is so easy to load. It has a bunch of stitches. Some I am familiar with, but there are a bunch I have never seen before and I am not sure yet what to use them for. It has a few stitches that can be used for quilting, which I think is pretty sweet. It has definitely made going down to my craft room to sew a much more enjoyable experience. So much so, I am a afraid Steve is going to be sorry he bought me the machine because I am spending so much time in front of it.
My sewing machine is not getting much rest right now. I have been collecting different upholstery fabric to keep me busy making purses for my etsy store. I have thought about getting a box to store all these fabric in, but it makes me smile whenever I walk downstairs and see that stack of rich colors and textures sitting on my counter.
The other thing I have enjoyed making in the last few weeks has been these memo pad holders OR planner holders. I keep making one for planner. Then after I make I think, "what if it had another pocket" or my last idea was "I think it would look cool if there was a ruffle". So off I go down to the craft room, pull out some fun fabrics and whip one up. This is today's creation...
Love these fabrics and colors. So bright and sunny.
And there is my ruffle. I think it is so cute.
Two little pockets I can slide coupons and such into.
And of course the memo pad, which is a must for me. A place for me to make my "to do" lists. I think this may be the perfect cover for my planner. But we'll see...

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