Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Best Friends Forever

On Friday of last weekend, Belle and I drove to Kittery, Maine to visit with my friend Kim and her daughter Lucy. Lucy and Belle have been writing to eachother since we moved to Utah. Belle and I left Rhode Island about 8:00 am and as we drove North on the 95, I introduced Belle to Aretha Franklin, Jim Croce, and the Supremes. We bopped and danced our way to Maine. It was so neat to watch as the two girls saw eachother after a whole year. They were obviously very excited to see eachother and it seemed they just picked up where they left off last October. We walked around all the outlets and even hit some great deals. The Children's Place had a great sale going on so I purchased some clothes for all my kids. Belle and Lucy giggled, played and talked. Kim filled me in on all the Augusta talk. It was sad when 3:00 o'clock rolled around and I knew we would have to leave. Belle and Lucy huggged. We took some parting pictures and then waved good-bye as we drove away from the McDonald's where we had initially met. Kim and I both hope that we can keep this beautiful friendship between these two girls alive as they grow and mature during these upcoming years. We even joked a little about...wouldn't it be neat if the two girls were roommates at BYU.

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