Monday, October 24, 2005

Sassafras Ledge

While we were in Rhode Island, Steve's parents took us to a place they named Sassafras Ledge. When Steve was little his parents would take the kids there and have picnics and roast marshmallows. They would climb up the side of a rock hill. It is also the place that Scott and Steve camped alone for the first time. Steve's Mom packed us hot dogs to roast over the fire. The kids helped gather sticks to start the fire. After we were done roasting our hot dogs and eating our fig newtons, the kids wanted to climb the ledge. As one kid would climb up the wall, Steve would follow behind and make sure they made it all the way up. Steve's Dad told me how he would do the same thing when his kids were little. It was almost like a gauntlet was being passed from one father to another. When all the climbing was done, we put out our fire, packed up our food, and headed back to where we parked the car. It was a fun outing that I think we will all remember for sometime.
Another, "blog worthy", thing that happened while we were in Rhode Island is Steve's mom taught us a game, Michigan Rummy, that she would play with her kids. It took Steve and Mom a few minutes to remember exactly how the game went, but once that was accomplished we had a fun time. Belle caught on fairly quickly. Katie and Becky had a hard time identifying the different suits. Once the kids were tired of playing, I suggested we play with out them. Mom and Steve were up for it. We began to deal out the cards when Dad walked in and asked if we were playing again. Now let me explain...Steve's Dad NEVER plays cards. We invited him in and he accepted. That was very cool and I think, just between you and me, he actually had a good time.

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