Sunday, October 09, 2005

Good Ending to a Busy Week

I know it is has been a while since I have posted to my blog. This week was just crazy. It seemed like there was just something going on all the time. I was so grateful to wake up this morning and know it was Sunday. Last week was conference and I listened to most of it. And I do enjoying listening to the Prophet and the other Apostles, but I really like being at church and receiving the sacrament. We had the Stake Primary Presidency in our Sharing Time this morning. I know Stacy, the President, was a little nervous, but it things flowed very smoothly. The children really were well behaved and participated well. Sacrament meeting was testimony meeting. I always love hearing people bare their testimonies. Then we came home and I put a quiche in the oven and read a little until it was time to put supper on the table.

I finally got my hair done this week. My color needed it. I was beginning to look very mousy. I also got the layers cut back in. Steve likes it. Oh yeah! I have bangs again. I had worked so hard for the past year or so and I decided to go ahead and cut them back in. Steve actually said he prefers me with bangs. I never knew. I think it looks real cute. I would take a picture and post it, BUT our digital camera is on the fritz. We spent part of yesterday looking a digis and trying to decide what we want. I think that is what we will be giving each other for Christmas.

So, on Tuesday I went to "My Girlfriend's Kitchen". For those who have never heard of is a store that you go to and assemble meals to bring home and freeze to eat at a later time. Some of my friends from the neighborhood went in September when I was in Yosemite, but they seemed to like it and thought the food was good. It took about 2 hours to assemble all 12 meals, and my freezer is pretty well stocked now. I will let you know how the food is as we eat it. Tonight we had the "Demetrius Tart"; basically it was a quiche with ham, broccoli and mushrooms. The family LOVED it.

I finally got these posters for PTA completed. They were for the teachers to hang in their classrooms to track their classes PTA membership and then when the class is to 80% they get to have a SnowCone Party. I got the poster board a week or so ago and needed to sit down and work on them, but it seemed like something else kept coming up. Finally my friend Wendy helped me out and we got them assembled and in the classrooms in just a couple of days. She was a huge help. We also found out the President is moving to Denver sometime the beginning of January. We are not sure where that leaves our PTA. I am assuming that Wendy will just step up and run things.

The children are all doing well. Zack is doing awesome in all his classes. He is constantly reading. Currently he is reading the Star Wars books. He has gotten 100% on all his spelling tests since school has begun. He is enjoying swimming and scouts. He is just an all around good kid. Belle is a smart and beautiful little girl, but is very independent. She is having to learn how to listen to authority figures a little better. She is taking piano, but has had to let tumbling go until the first of the year. Katie and Becky have already learned so much in school. They are reading very basic words and are quite proud of themselves. The are also busy dancing this year and have their routine all learned. Our first recital is in a month.

I think that should fill everyone in. Sorry there are no pictures this time. I will have to post the old fashion way and wait for film to be developed.

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