Thursday, February 02, 2006

California Trip Part 2:Shin Sun Gumhi

On Sunday we drove to Laguna to pick up my brother Chip and his wife Mabel. They took us to the Swap Meet in Costa Mesa. There was so much STUFF. I bought a cute backpack purse and the kids got some $1.00 toys. It was amazing. Anything you could possibly be in need of was there. Even cars. There was a white truck that Steve would probably have bought if it was 4x4. We had a great time there sampling food in the market area. Once we got a little food into our stomachs we realized just how hungry we were.

Chip wanted to take us to a Japanese Noodle house that he and Mabel frequent often named Shin Sun Gumhi. We had to wait a while to get into the restaurant. We were hoping to get to sit at one of the the traditional Japanese table where you take off your shoes and sit on the pillows on the floor, but there was another large party ahead of us that snagged the table. The noodle come in a bowl with some pork, green onions and ginger on top. All of it sits in a pool of broth. We also had these mini pot stickers that were really yummy. The whole this was kind of fun and exciting. The kids even seemed to enjoy the experience. The most surprising was Steve. He is not one to want to just eat noodles. He has even teased me about wanting to eat at Nothing But Noodles and how silly that sounds. But he was a good sport as we had lunch with Chip and Mabel.


lousansevero said...

Love the pictures, Mom and I are jealous . . . we're going to have to make a trip to SO. Cal. We love Shin Sun its one of our regular stops as is the swap meet.

Sophia said...

Nikki, it looks like you had a great day! I can taste those pot stickers! Too fun and I love the pix!