Friday, May 25, 2007

FOUND:Baby Lamb

Thursday morning I was at my parent's home in Ferron. Pop was mowing the lawns in the back yard, the kids were in the front yard playing and I went upstairs to get dressed. I could hear a lamb bleeting and it sounded so close. I looked out the window and there in the driveway was a little lamb surrounded by my 4 very curious children.

So, of course, I grabbed the camera and dashed outside to get some more pics for the blog. The kids were so excited. They tried feeding the little lamb pieces of alfalfa and various weeds. There was a big white dog that obvious was in charge of tending sheep and would not leave the sheep's side.

Eventually, Abby's; that was the lamb's name; owner showed up and took her back home. That put and end to the petting zoo, but the excitement of having spent 15 minutes with the little lamb carried on through the rest of the day.


phoxtrot said...

mmmmm....Memorial Day lamb chop barbecue....too bad, so close.

Shawna said...

What a cool g'pa and g'ma's house!!!! Out in the country, lambs! How fun.