Monday, May 21, 2007

Just 4 Fun

Lucy Atkin
Dayna Duve
Nikki Weber
Today was the banquet for for my bowling league. Lucy, Wendy, Dayna and I all drove together. We had lunch with the rest of the ladies on our league at La Caille Restaurant. It is right near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and is just beautiful. Unfortunately it was overcast and rainy, but I would have liked to walked the grounds. We saw a peacock and geese out the windows as we ate our lunch. The food was quite yummy: salad, rolls, choice of chicken, salmon and beef, but more importantly there was chocolate cake in a pool of chocolate sauce.

Once the eating portion of the day was done they had drawing for some different prizes. Wendy won a body butter gift set and Dayna won something, but I did not get to see what it was. Then they got to prizes for bowling scores. Wendy won a cash prize for the highest scratch game and I actually won $10.00 for the "biggest increase in my average". On September 11, 2006 (my first day bowling) my average was 68 and by May 7, 2007 (the last day we officially bowled) my average was 109.

I truly had a great time these past few month getting the kids off for school on Monday mornings and dashing off to the All Star Lanes for bowling. I think I am going to kind of miss it in the next few months and wll be looking forward to September when we start off again.

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Shawna said...

How fun!!! I really am looking forward to having all my munchkins in school. It looks like so much fun!