Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pancakes for Dinner

I forgot to put anything into the crockpot today before church. Steve stepped up and decided to make a BIG BREAKFAST for dinner. The kids love these dinners. This menu consists of:

  • blueberry pancakes
  • scrambled eggs
  • sausage links

Steve decided to ask Katie for a little assistance. She manned the scrambled eggs. All the kids love to have the opportunity to lend a hand in the kitchen.

After we finished our "breaknner" and cleaned up the kitchen we all decided to go out to the front yard and just enjoy the evening weather. After a few minutes of watching the kids rollerblade I decided we should play a game. Out came the soccer ball and some makeshift goals. Steve and I were team captains and chose our teams: Me, Zack and Becky vs. Steve, Belle and Katie. It was a blast!!! Lots of laughing and team work.

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