Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Just thought I would fill you in on what we did for Father's Day.
Steve was off for Father's Day weekend. We spent Saturday going to Soccer games, running errands and watching the kids swim in the pool. Then Sunday morning the children presented Steve with the school made cards. I had gave him a camping stove and had made a cute scrapbook project (of course). We had breakfast and began to get ready for church. While everyone ran around doing hair, finding church shoes...I packed up a picnic lunch. And left it in the fridge. We then left for church. At church the kids made daddy another card and got to sing in sacrament meeting. Once we got home we changed clothes and drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We took a little walk through the woods to a little stream where we proceeded to eat the picnic lunch I had made.

We hung out at the stream for a while. I read my book and took the occasional picture. The kids explored the stream and made their own dams. Steve set up a log that kids could walk on to cross over a deeper part of the stream. Then the children began to throw rocks in the water to watch the splash. Then Steve got a little splashed, then again, and again and before I knew there was a full fledged splash war going on Daddy vs. all the kids. It was fun to sit there and watch them. Once we got home, I surprised Steve with his Father's Day dinner....
I lined up 8 boxes of different cereals and a gallon of milk and we ALL had cereal for dinner. I think Steve was happy with my attempt to make his Fathers Day a special Day that is about him and things that he loves. This is the "TRADING CARDS" I made for Steve. I found this project in Paper Crafts magazine and thought it would be perfect for Steve. I made 1 card for each person in the family with their picture and statistics. Like I am listen as Team Manager the kids are listed as 1st born, 2nd born instead of 1st base and 2nd base. Then there was their birth dates, weights and heights. I even included Daisy in the group. Then they are all stored in the little metal band aid like box.

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