Saturday, June 09, 2007

Steve Yellowstone Trip

Steve took his brother, who had not been backpacking since they were children and their way of transporting their gear at that time was tying their gear together and would haul it into the woods.

They shortened their original plan from 3 nights in the back country of Yellowstone to 2 and then spent 1 night in a campground of Teton National Park so that they could see more of each park.

31 elk antlers
5 black bears
3 grizzlies
Many elk
Lots of bison
A few deer
2 eagles
A pair of wolves at a den with pups

They even came upon a grizzly cub off-trail on Buffalo Plateau. I think their main focus at that point was making sure that the mama grizzly, whenever she was, knew that they were no threat; instead of taking photos.

One of the most exciting things that they got to see was a mama black bear grazing and then Steve and Scott got to watch her two tiny cubs run to her and then scamper way up a tall pine tree. I can't even imagine how excited and slightly nerve racking that might have been.

They had a bison run along side the truck as they drove and it made some aggressive gestures, shortly after Scott saw it and called it a buffalo. Scott learned to NEVER call a bison a buffalo again.

They had another bison follow them and proceeded to stare them down as they walked by. There were lots of wildflowers which made for some great shots of the scenery. It was a great trip that the Brothers Weber will always remember!

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the boyz said...

Tell Steve my kids were very impressed! What great pictures. Does it make you nersous when he leaves?