Friday, June 29, 2007

Bitter Sweet

Today is the kids last day of school. It has been a busy week:


I am ready for the upcoming break. Yesterday was my last day at Elk Meadows and I spent it making SnoCones for the children during the Field Day. Although I am looking forward to having all the kids in the same school, I am sad to be leaving. I have enjoyed being on PTA. There is a group of women that I have gotten to work with and I am really going to miss seeing them. My friend Wendy has been President for the last year and half and I am in awe of her commitment and dedication. Then there is Cyndi, who was not planning to be President next year, but because of the change of schools, has taken over for me. If you look up PTA Mom in a dictionary it would show a picture of Cyndi. She loves every aspect of volunteering in the school and does it all so well. I learned a lot watching both of these women. One of my favorite responsibilities in PTA has been going into the children's classrooms once of twice a month and drew "blue tickets" and handed out prizes on Fridays. It was a neat opportunity to observe the teachers and see the children's excitement. I wish I had a photo of all of us, but I rarely brought my camera with me when I did my PTA stuff.

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Shawna said...

Oh, I'm so impressed the dedication the women give to the PTA. I've done a little and, wow!
Wouldn't if be funny if they made a comedy about the PTA? There is usually an interesting mix of women on the committe. (hee! hee!) :)