Wednesday, July 04, 2007

VACATION DAY 1: Canyonlands

The first day of our vacation we drove to Canyonlands. Steve and I had been there in December and thought it would be neat to bring the kids back when it as a little warmer and not snowy. This part of the country is just breath taking. The red coloring in the rocks and hills against that deep blue sky with a touch of green sprinkled throughout. There is one overlook named the Grandview that is just incredible. It makes me think of the Grand Canyon. We also teased that it looked like a giant dinosaur footprint.

The temperature was so stinkin' hot up there...near 100 degrees. We had brought LOTS of water and made sure the kids carried a bottle with them wherever we went, especially during the the hike we took along the Grandview Overlook. Steve and I spent most of the hike worrying about the kids not getting too close to the edge and the rest of the time making sure the kids didn't lose those water bottles.

Once we had seen all there was to be seen at Canyonlands we headed back down the long wonding road to the highway and made out way to Moab. We ate our supper there at a restaurant named Zax. They have an all you can eat pizza, salad and soup bar. The kids thought it was a great restaurant and enjoying making trips to get more pizza or another serving of salad. We stayed at the Holidya Inn Express there in Moab and let the kids spend the remainder of the day swimming. Once we felt they were appropriately tired out we put everyone to bed so we could move on to our next stop on our vacation....

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