Monday, June 18, 2007

Zack's 11th Birthday

Last weekend celebrated Zack's 11th birthday. We had planned a "BEACH PARTY" themed celebration, but unfortunately the weather did not get the memo and we barely made it to 70 degrees. This did not deter the group of boys Zack invited.

Steve set up the volleyball net in the yard and this gave the boys a couple of other games to play in case the pool was too chilly for them. We had a did manage to play a couple of volleyball games and the badminton set was also used...a couple of times as swords, but eventually for the purpose they were made for.
The boys did make it into the pool. They swam, splashed, and cannonballed.

Once the boys had played so hard they had worked up an appetite, Steve fired up the grill. We had HOT DOGS, HAMBURGERS, CHIPS and SODA POP. Which the 8 boys managed to devour.
back-Austin, Braden, and Aerik
front- Bradin, Jake, Zack and Ethan

Next came the time to open presents. It became quite evident that Zack's friend know him pretty darn well. Each boy had brought a LEGO product as a gift. Zack was in LEGO HEAVEN!!! Grandma and Grandpa Sansevero supplied Zack with BYU paraphernalia. He has talked about going to BYU someday, so this seemed quite appropriate. He also got a new bike helmet which he has needed for sometime.

The biggest hit of the party was a book that Grandma and Grandpa Sansevero gave him titled "THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS" The boys climbed up on the swing set and gathered around Zack as he read aloud different sections in the book. It was cute to watch the listen so intently.

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Shawna said...

O.K., I love the last shot with all the boys into the book!
I would say how "cute" but then I would embarrass my son! "mom, could you please not say "how cute"! So, very cool picture!
11 years old! Nik, we have kids that are entering the world of "teenagehood"! Are we ready. Don't they know we are too young for that?