Sunday, April 08, 2007

3rd Annual "DUV-BER" Egg Hunt

Saturday morning was our third year hosting, along with our friends the Duves, a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Flyers were distributed early in the week to all the houses in the neighborhood. Then the families that were participating would bring 6 filled plastic eggs to either our home or the Duve's home. This year we had 16 families participate.

The night before the hunt. Our family spent the night at the Duve's home. Due to a small flooding in our kitchen back in February, we needed to get our wood floors sanded and refinished and decided to have it done this same weekend. The Duves were kind enough to let us stay the night at their home. Our other friends the Nighs came over also for games. We played a round of Hand and Foot (btw-Steve and I won)After the Nigh's left to put their kids to bed and get a good night's sleep, both we and the Duves decided to stay up a little longer and play another card game named Nertz. We finally went to bed at 2:00 am only to have to get up about 7:00 am to hide the eggs for that morning's hunt. YIKES!!!!

We had a few of the Duve's neighbors also allow us to use their yards to hide the nearly 300 eggs. Dayna and I were in charge of hiding the ones for the little kidlets and Steve and Ryan took great pleasure in being creative with their hiding of the older kid's eggs.

People began to gather on the street outside both of our cul de sacs at 8:15 am. The children were obviously excited to begin the quest for candy filled eggs, while the parents looked a little less excited. We allow the little ones, age 6 years and down, a 2 minute head start to find their eggs before releasing the hounds, I mean the older kids, to find theirs. With in 20 minutes everyone had met their limit of 6 eggs and many of the kids were seated on lawns going through their booty.

Definitely this event is counted among one of the cooler things about living in a neighborhood. Hope you all have a fabulous Easter!!!


Marie Starr said...

They look like they are having so much fun! Happy Easter!!

Shawna said...

How fun!!!!! It's these type events that make a neighborhood.