Saturday, April 28, 2007

Catching Up

Katie and Becky got to go to a birthday party for one of their neighborhood friends, Hailey. They were pretty excited to get to go to "Sweet and Sassy". They got to have their hair done, nails polished and make up applied. They even got to dress up. When I came to pick them up one of the things they were most excited about was getting a certificate that "officially" makes them a PRINCESS. I believe they were even considering having me bow when I was in their presence. TOO CUTE!!!
Our friends the Duves, went to Mexico for a week and a half. So we said we would take their daughter, Madi, for a few days. So after school on Friday Madi came home with the girls. Belle was tickled pink to have her best buddies spending the night at our house. Once evening began to settle in, the kids slipped in to the jammies and the sleeping bags came out. All the girls decided they would sleep in the livingroom while spending the evening watching High School Musical and eating popcorn. At 7:00 am this what how much life there was in the house. Knowing my girls, they stayed up quite late wathcing tv and giggling.
I just had to share this cool bowl we got in the mail. About a year ago, Steve's Uncle Art and his grandson was here in Utah and contacted us. We met them at a park and visited for an hour. While we talked, Uncle Art mentioned that one of his hobbies is turnig wood into bowls. Steve mentioned how cool that sounded and he would like to see his work. Well, a box arrived last Friday from Uncle Art...we were surprised to open it up and find this beautiful walnut bowl inside.


Mandy said...

How cute are those little girls! A princess party sounds like so much fun, and the sleepover pic takes me back to all of those fun sleepovers I had with my friends growing up. That bowl is awesome too!

Oh, and you've been tagged on my blog :)

Carol said...

Lovely photos...and seems like it was a grand time...thanks for sharing them with was wonderful going through your post!!!