Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter dresses

I know Easter was 2 days ago, but I am finally getting all caught up. One of the things I truly enjoy about Easter is buying the girls new spring dresses. BUT this year Easter just kind of creeped up on me. We were gone for the 1st part of last week and then once we got home we moved out of our house or those 2 days. So I spent Saturday trying to find 3 Easter dresses that hopefully are coordinated.

I finally found these 3 dresses at Smith's Marketplace. Then I found a Sears and bought Zack a new outfit. I can't believe how grownup he is looking. My little man!!!

Once I got home with the dresses, I showed the girls. They all got so excited. That is definitely a cool part of having girls. When Zack opens a box and finds clothes, he says, "Move on." BUT the girls squeal and get excited for their new outfit.

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Vee said...

they looks so pretty and handsome
love love the pretty dresses, awesome colors :)