Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas Lights

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Utah. And Steve decided it was the perfect time to climb up on the house and hang our Christmas lights. When I came out to give moral support, I found not only Steve on our roof, but Zack had joined him. Most years, when Steve gets around to hanging the lights, it is freezing with a chilly breeze, so this was perfect. I sat on my lawn chair, read my book and watched as the two guys stringed lights and extension cords around the house.
It was cool to watch the two guys in my life work together. Zack is quickly becoming a little man. I think he actually was a bit of a help for Steve. For those who read my previous post, no worries, we did not turn on the Christmas lights... but I am counting and its only 18 more days until the lights can be plugged in. I will post pictures of our house lit up then...

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Margie said...

hey babe, can you e-me the info on that cabin in Heber...LOOKS and sounded like so so much fun!
kiss kiss