Sunday, November 25, 2007

O' Christmas Tree...

It is officially Christmas in our house. The tree is up and decorated.

We all gather in the living room while carols played on the radio. Steve unpacked the ornaments as I played photographer. We let the kids put up most of the ornaments, but Steve and I save the ornaments we have given to each other or ones that are from trips that we took together for us to put on the tree.

This year I gave Steve a Kermit the Frog ornament. It was during this year that we introduced the kids to old Muppets Show episodes and they developed a new love. And Steve and I talked about being kids and watching those episodes on TV. Steve gave me and ornament that was a wreath made of bowling pins, to represent my new found love of bowling.

After everyone was done hanging their ornament I stood back and admired our tree. I love all the memories that come rushing back as I look at the different ornaments on the tree. . . Places we have been, memories of the children in their different stages, gifts from friends.
So what are your traditions for your tree?
Or significant ornaments that are hung?
What makes your tree special?

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